Rave Culture Comic Book — Code Name : Rave

There is currently no comic book that was crafted specifically to highlight rave culture past and present and develop a story with it as a focal point.Codename : Rave is penned by The Broken Flow and follows the story of The Operator. A trip back home leaves him in a city where every citizen wields a special range of abilities known as Beyond. Every citizen but him. Good thing the Sonic Goddesses, known as The Groove have got his back. But can he stand tall when one man threatens to destroy Reality itself?

Besides being three bagfuls of fun, is also a wonderful tool for introducing people to the basic philosophies of some of the most important thinkers of the last several years This comic contains five Issues , proceed one by one and have a pleasant time reading this comic .

Issue #0- A man wakes up to a hallucination of a beautiful woman and better times had after a brutal beating. What can he make of a city headed for destruction from the inside out?

Issue # 1- Sonic Goddesses known as the Groove come to the aid of a man searching for a way to survive a city.What happens when they enter his house?

Issue #2- A strange woman enters the house of a man known only as the Operator.A strange array of drugs known as Trigger are at her disposal. What are their secrets?

Issue #3- The Operator calls out to a city empowered. Will they come to his aid?

Issue #4- An haunting flame comes to visit the Operator. She will not be ignored.

For more details visit at http://www.codenamerave.com/

P.O Box 593 , Millersville MD 21108 United state

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