Nokia reviving through an iot platform

Nokia is a company known for its top notch technology and phones that introduced the world to cell phones. The company has gone through a lot after its acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent in April last year. A lot of jobs were lost and there was loss of millions up until the first quarter of this year. The losses were estimated to be about 613 million Euros. Just recently, Nokia has announced its plans to acquire the wearable and health monitoring company Withings that will become a part of the fastest growing iot segments of the company. With the advent of companies like Apple and Samsung, Nokia suffered lots of loss but that didn’t stop it from trying out new things. Now recently, Nokia is making us of its expertise in networking to initiate a horizontal iot platform. An iot platform is basically a network of connections in which various different things, people and corporations are connected.

This iot platform is known as the IMPACT that basically stands for Intelligent Management Platform for all connected things that handles every aspect of machine to machine (M2M) connections. As mentioned earlier, iot platform is something that is used to connect different devices and Nokia is making use of that. While handling different aspects of M2M connecting, the Nokia iot platform will look over things like event processing, data contextualization, data analysis, application enablement, end to end security and device management. This iot platform is going o work for any protocol, any device and across any application as well. This means that Nokia is working on a big level and is hoping to bring this iot platform to many people around the world.

The truth is that the quantity of M2M connections is likely to grow to 12.2 billion by the year 2020. This means that it would span industries and devise alike. Things that would be impacted by iot platform include things like healthcare monitoring, video surveillance and smart meters and so on. In addition, iot platform is likely to impact things like package or asset tracking and transportation as well. This shows that the industry of iot platform itself is likely to expand at an exponential rate. This just shows that Nokia is taking advantage of the situation and using its expertise to make it even better.

This is a great way to back a comeback and considering at how popular it really is, there are many chances that Nokia can get back in the running again.

This article talks about Nokia working on the launch of its new iot platform. It discusses the plans the company has regarding the iot platform and how it wishes to cater the market in the future.