Why Blake Lively’s Instagram post is not racist

Maybe it’s my love of ‘Gossip Girl’, or maybe it’s my growing hatred for ‘Generation O’ (outrage). That’s why I feel compelled to explain why her post was not racist. So strap in! Here comes another trendy think piece.

Blake Lively’s post was not racist because it was a direct quote from a song. A song about big butts, and Blake Lively has a big ol’ butt. She also lives in L.A. Sure, nothing is snappier than using a song lyric as an IG caption, with which lies the true offense if you ask me.

Now had she posted, “Look at this nigger butt”, or something like “Butt so big it’s got bad credit”, then yes, let’s be outraged. Even those examples are more offensive than her post because those are shitty stereotypes used to describe black people.

I understand that everyone is so WOKE now. Totes get it, and support it. However, as Roxane Gay tweeted, “I refuse to worry about Blake Lively posting a sir mix a lot lyric with a picture of her backside. The revolution does not start here”, which I think sums it up nicely.

Now leave my Gossip Girl alone and continue to freak out that Trump’s Supreme Court picks are white AF.


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