The Vision for Delegatly

The main reason that inspired me to pursue creating products that will help people be better managers is that I experienced how hard it is to start and grow a company, even if you consider yourself a very skilled and intelligent individual.

Being an entrepreneur is super hard — just check out this lecture from Dustin Moskowitz from Asana:

The reason why I’m passionate about this is that I think the world needs more successful entrepreneurs.

If there’s a solution that will prevent only 1 out of 100 entrepreneurs from failing or giving up, the world will probably be richer for a million new solutions.

Right now, there are many solutions that help companies run smoothly, accelerate their growths and so on. There is also an abundance of information, advice and communities entrepreneurs can get access to. But there aren’t many tech solutions that will help specifically entrepreneurs.

The problem I faced was that most tools like Asana, Basecamp, Trello and so on — are treating all users more or less the same.

But a person in charge is a completely different being than anyone else in the company, and thus has different needs for tools and features that only help him/her do a better job.

For example — task management. Most users only need an organized way to see the tasks they need to do, how to manage the priorities and a way to collaborate on the task.

Managers, founders and CEOs — they have a much complex and deeper need in the process.

They are the ones responsible of what tasks get into the task management system. More over, they are responsible if they articulate what needs to be done in such a way that everybody understands it.

This alone is a field hundreds of PhDs (from economics to pyschology) can make their thesis about.

Right now, solutions like Zapier are at the fore-front of these solutions. They enable demanding users, like founders and managers, solve their complex issues with tech.

But only if, and that’s a big IF — they have the time, knowledge, will-power, i.e. resources to invest into building customized solutions that will bring them value.

If I had to guess, out of my gut feeling, I would say that only 5% will accomplish that successfully — others won’t.

That’s why I think a tool like Delegatly is needed. For the 95% of entrepreneurs, founders, managers and delegators — who don’t have the reasources to build tech solutions they need.

On the other hand, big-game solutions like Asana and Basecamp don’t have enough incentive to build complex features only a small subset of it’s users actually need.

Delegatly can be an add-on to existing tools companies use and only help those 5% of users who need more complex features.

Thus, the vision is to have a world where managers have a secret tool helping them be better at their role, without having to change how the rest of the company is used to working.