Understanding the concept of product-market fit through making music

Product-market fit is apparently the moment when you can be somewhat sure that something good can come from your startup. If you reach it, the growth you want will start happening organically.

It’s a complex concept. Not by how hard it is to comprehend it, but how hard is it to influence achieving it. It’s strange because usually you achieve it by simply making something people want.

My experience with building companies is that it’s really hard to orchestrate all the moving parts and know for sure you’ll achieve success, i.e. product-market fit.

There’s lots of advice from famous startup founders to various “thought-leaders” — but still, most founders struggle with learning how to apply it to their unique creation.

One good experience that helped me understand the concept, in it’s subtleties, is making electronic dance music.

First rule is — if you don’t like the song you’re making, there’s no chance it will be loved by a lot of people.

The same is with startups — if you don’t solve your own problem, it’s hard to create something other people will love. Especially if you create something you don’t like but are trying to create something others will love — your chances are reaaally slim.

Secong rule is — even if you’re talented, put in the hard work, love the song yourself, there’s no chance of knowing whether you’ll get 5.000 views or become an overnight success with 1bn views.

Yes, early traction from a small subset of users is crucial if you’re going to win big, but you can’t know if your product is going to be a perfect fit for a larger market.

Third rule is —when starting out, you have to play your songs on small parties and get direct feedback from your small audience.

Throw a small party for 50+ people and see how they react to your songs. Do they dance, or go crazy — or decide to use the opportunity to go to the toilet.

The same is with finding product-market fit with your startup — you have to have a finger on the pulse of your early adopters. They will guide you in the right direction. If your song sucks for 50 people or it’s an instant hit — you will know exactly what to do next.

Lastly, it’s a game.

It’s a game of pursuing your passion, combining it with your talents, hard work and people you pull into this journey to create something people will enjoy for whatever reason.

My message to everyone deciding to either make music, or make their product, just keep on doing it. Whether you’ll make it big or die trying is less of an importance. By doing that, your are just one drop in the waterfall trying to make other drops have a more pleasant fall.

By doing that, your are just one drop in the waterfall trying to make other drops have a more pleasant fall.

And that’s something worth being born for.

Take care, fellow creators, I wish you all the best, and — good luck!

PS: Listen to my amateur tracks here — https://soundcloud.com/davord