Not a chance that your eyebrows don’t raise up when you see someone paying for some goods through Davorcoin X. Yes, It is now a run-of-the-mill to pay using a currency which exists only in digital cosmos.

A few years ago, it would have been totally bizarre if you would have encountered someone paying for the coke and popcorn via a Davorcoin X— what I see whenever I go for a movie. But now this is as simple and as common as paying for the simple transaction by swapping a card into a card machine and getting cash delivered. …

Davorcoin X (DAVX) is a digital currency which was created with the aim to provide a better, cost-effective and more secure alternative to popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Davorcoin X (DAVX) is one of the most esteemed coins of the year, in terms of security and features. DAVX coin is the solution to many of your payment related issues.

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DavorcoinX is glad to officially announce its bounty program, under which the team will be giving away 80000 DAVX tokens for free…

The team is usually the first thing most of the potential investors will look into before investing in a new project. This is even more crucial in the crypto space where the credibility of new coins has always been a big concern for the investors.

The team is considered one of the best ways to determine the credibility of a new project, and rightly so. Because the people that make the team are like the bloodline of that project. Depending on how strong and capable its team members are, one can rightly assess the strength of a particular project.


The most awaiting Pre-ICO sale of Davorcoinx hit the ground running on 1st July and will continue to 10th July, followed by an ICO sale when another one million Davorcoinx, A cryptocurrency that foresees to be one of the best alternatives digital currencies, will be released.

Scams today

Scam, swindle, frauds are common words and experience in the digital world, particularly when it comes to buying a digital coin or investing in cryptocurrency. The global outbursts of initial coin offerings (ICOs) have inaugurated new avenues for scammers to wrest your hard earned pockets. …

The pre-sale of DavorcoinX (DAVX) is live now with an exclusive price of $0.5. The public ICO sale will start from 15th July. Those looking to invest can register on the website now.

We are glad to announce the launch of the official pre-ICO sale of DavorcoinX (DAVX) from the 1st of July.

Launching the pre ICO for private and initial investors, DAVX is a digital currency intends to offer a better and low-cost alternative to hundreds of existing cryptocurrencies. …

While the crypto industry may seem like a money-machine from the outside, it is more like a money-pit which will drain your savings faster you can keep a count, unless you know what it takes to succeed in the crypto investment industry.

Here’s a brief guide for beginners to start in this high-potential investment market.

Tips to Protect your Crypto investments

Davorcoin X (DAVX) is a digital currency which was created with the aim to provide a better, cost-effective and more secure alternative to popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Similar to Bitcoin, DAVX coin can also be used for sending/receiving money and performing cross-border transactions but in a more secure and cost-effective manner. This is because the coin is much affordable than established currencies like bitcoin and ETH while offers the same level of credibility and transparency in digital transactions.

As both potential and existing investors of DavorCoin X wonder about the next steps in the project chain, we…

Davorcoin X (DAVX) is a new, revolutionary cryptocurrency which has been launched with the aim to make digital payments secure and convenient for everyone. DAVX intends to present the best case for an alternative payment currency which is the same as bitcoin and Ether in functioning & features but at the same time very affordable to use. …

A quarter of the New Year has passed, thoughts about the cryptocurrency scenario this year are hovering over the minds of cryptocurrency investors. After witnessing the adverse phase in the previous year under the bear claw, many crypto industries has introduced various changes which are going to become a cornerstone for the betterment and development of the cryptocurrency this year. So what exactly are we going to see in the present year 2019?

Elevating popularity of decentralized applications

Decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts are based on the concept of decentralisation. Initially the purpose was to decentralize the financial system, but later on, after its…


DavorCoinX is a new cryptocurrency which is most secure, reliable and affordable digital currencies:

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