Bye. I’m Good and I’m All Set. Good Luck.
Heather Nann

Heather, there’s a nice story on “It’s nice to hear a story that ends: ‘Reader, she left him’”, which links to a story I see you highlighted extensively, “Story of a Fuck-Off Fund”, so you might be interested in it. I certainly am, three cheers for Amber Heard. I don’t know if Medium takes feed from The Guardian, or if links are allowed, but I’ll try, here ‘tis:

I won’t make a habit of this, but I thought this was one you might miss, and would want to see.

BTW I think I’m a bit slow at times, it was suggested that I not use my initials (DV) as a login for a political site if I was going to post on matters relating to Domestic Violence, and it was only then it struck me how strange coincidences can be (I don’t happen to believe it was pre-ordained, but it sure is odd). If you are curious about the party of which I am member 6770, google ‘australian political party asp’ — I’ll give you a clue, the ‘s’ doesn’t stand for ‘Sovereignty’, the wiki article makes interesting reading I think

Love you, love your work.