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I haven’t even read this yet, and I make this Response! What is as interesting as what you write is where you are. I like mysteries. It’s 24:00 pm in Australia, the USA is between 14 hours behind (east coast) and 17 (west coast). So that makes it between 07:00 to 10:00 Wednesday there. But Medium says your recommendation was posted “2 hours ago”, so that means you posted at between about 05:00 and 08:00, US time. Which are pretty weird times. Too early even for an insomniac, not entirely normal for someone coming off night shift — in which case, even if you hit the keyboard straight after coming off shift, it should be a bit later. But your website is ‘.in’ — India — which means zilch in terms of where you are, except India is 5.5 hours behind Oz, which would make it 18:30, which is a reasonable time to be posting.

Don’t tell me, I will work it out!