Hundreds of LGBT activists held a queer dance party outside VP-elect Mike Pence’s home Wednesday night to protest his hateful agenda.
LGBT Activists Stage ‘Queer Dance Party’ Outside Mike Pence’s House
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I note your photo is of two women, probably L or B, T maybe? As it should be, because a very significant proportion of the women I mix with acknowledge at the very least an attraction to other women — they aren’t at all shocked to be called ‘possibly bi’. Not so for men, you’re mostly either full-on ‘straight’ or ‘gay’. Which is total bullshit. Go all the way back to Kinsey, to Shere Hite, this myth was debunked decades ago, but it persists. I think the LGBTIQ future probably lies with the women, they’re the ones who think binary gender stereotypes are a straitjacket into which they don’t fit at times.

My (female) partner Edith and I walked into a bar one night, there was young woman there in head-to-toe black leather. We went into the second bar, Edith said to me ‘Christ, she’s hot, I’d fuck her, would you?’. And I think 90% of the women there that night probably thought the same. It seems to me that more and more women are rejecting the myth ‘you’re either straight or gay’ in favor of there being a spectrum, whereas the males seem to need to classify themselves and others as ‘one or the other’ — straight or gay. Sounds like male insecurity to me. Maybe it should be ‘LGBTS’ — on the spectrum?