I refuse to let my life be taken down by this. I refuse to be defined by this, because I am so much more than that, Paris means so much more to me than that, and I will carry on talking and fighting for everything that I believe is right. And you will too.
A letter to the man who tried to rape me
Sara Roebuck

Incredible. Extraordinary. What an anti-rape manifesto. I wanted to highlight the whole story. Instead I’ve printed 20 copies that I’ll hand out the women who I will be meeting with tomorrow and I’m sending a copy to my two adult daughters. I’m going to see if I can get much larger quantities printed. Normally I would ask your permission first as a courtesy, but for once I won’t, it would be superfluous, of that I am certain.

Thank you doesn’t even go near to saying what I feel about, not just your story, but you, for standing up, so tall. Sorry, words fail me. You’ve said so utterly eloquently what I have been trying to convey for several years.

Je suis profondément touché par votre éloquence et votre bravoure. Merci, merci beaucoup.