Abuse and exploitation of others come easy to people without a functioning conscience, most of whom are psychopathic and/or narcissistic, as their lack of empathy and guilt makes it natural, for them, to treat others like objects. This manifests in their actions, of course, but also in their words.
The Biggest Lie of the Last Debate
Elizabeth Mika

I’ve known both.

I realised my daughter was psychopathic after several concerning episodes that culminated when she ran over a dog and didn’t stop. She wasn’t in the least concerned that it was someone’s pet, she said ‘fucking dog shouldn’t have been on the road’ — this was on a winding road with an urban speed limit in a very picturesque suburban / semi rural area with quite a few houses.

I had a breakdown after a tempestuous four year relationship with a prominent politician / feminist who unfortunately had “the worst case of NPD”- as I was told the hospital psychiatrist had said (pity I didn’t take it seriously enough at the time). For those fortunate enough to never have encountered it, NPD = narcissistic personality disorder.

So, I think I am qualified to comment on both personality traits, and IMHO, Trump clearly has both. As Helen Keller’s sister said ‘he reminds me of Hitler’.

I think this a most lucid, enlightened and educational story, and it should have the widest possible distribution.