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This is from a recent post regarding the long standing “Impeach Judge Persky” petition (I have Lady Soal’s permission to reproduce on this site anything she or maria ruiz write on

Black out drunk is not rape according to DA Neiman|| @UNCNieman — Update on “California State House: Impeach Judge Aaron Persky”
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Sep 15 (5 days ago)
maria ruiz just posted an update on the petition you signed,California State House: Impeach Judge Aaron Persky.
Black out drunk is not rape according to DA Neiman|| @UNCNieman
Sep 14, 2016 —
Dearest Friends And Supporters-
According to US Uncut UNC football player Allen Artis was accused of rape was told by school officials and the local district attorney to not “sweat” the allegations. According to Robinson’s attorney, local investigators also cast doubt on Robinson’s account of the alleged rape. The Daily Beast reported that Assistant District Attorney Jeff Nieman told Robinson’s attorney, “unconsciousness is rape, blackout drunk is not rape.”
According to CNN A judge in Canada is facing removal from the bench for his conduct when he asked a woman in a rape case why she couldn’t “just keep [her] knees together.” Federal Court Judge Robin Camp is in the midst of a week-long judicial council hearing, which will determine whether he ought to be booted from his position.
The case in question took place in 2014 when Camp was a provincial court judge. (He became a Federal Judge last year.)
The article linked below also includes the story of Joseph Fritzl, A man who imprisoned his daughter for years and forced the children they had together to live in the basement with her. When His daughter later died of complications from the way she was kept he was allowed to adopt his children from the rapes. Even though he had a LONG record of sexual offenses his criminal record was expunged he was removed from the sex offender registry.
In this article there is also included a news video that is quite revealing. It shows Carleen Turner, the mother of Brock Turner in a bay area hotel with her son and Brock’s Father. When the reporter asks Brock if he would like to apologize Carleen stares down the reporter with an indignant look that screams “how dare you ask my son to apologize”.
With this many examples of society minimizing rape, excusing rape and blaming the victim repeatedly it becomes clear why there is this epidemic of sexual assault exists all over the world. We can no longer be silent, we can no longer be inactive. We must act, in whatever state you are in in any country, open your mouth and fight rape culture. Support survivors and believe them unconditionally, teach your children about respect and consent. Go to your representatives, ask them to update rape laws to FBI standards, demand they ratify a survivor bill of rights for your state. You can enact real change. If you are interested in acting in your state please email me I will help you in any way I can. Also please donate to our protest funds as every protest we do will increase the visibility of this issue. We have MANY protests planned and need funds to make them a reality.
Love Always! 
Maria Ruiz & Sharika Soal 
Twitter: @MariaLaMetida 
For Press Inquiries contact: Sharika
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This not just about Santa Clara, it’s not just about California, it’s not just about USA — the outrage is worldwide. Literally. Here in little old Oz, men have heard of Persky, and revile him. Why he doesn’t resign, I’m fucked if I (in my admittedly limited comprehension of rapists, or those that excuse them) understand. The fact is, Brock Arsehole Turner is guilty as hell of an appalling crime, but Persky is 100 times worse.

If hell exists, BT will burn there for a long time, but Persky will burn for eternity. He will, however, have some company, DA Neiman will be there with him. How he can sleep at night knowing what he has done, I just don’t fucking understand. It makes me so angry, I froth at the mouth.

My perspective on this is, BT should be RAPED a few times, so he can understand how Jane Doe feels, but Persky should be gang raped, repeatedly.

So, I say, fuck Turner, fuck Persky, fuck Neiman, fuck all those who actually rape, fuck those who only do it mentally — they are not human, they aren’t animals (which would be a disservice to animals), IMHO they even make bubonic plague bacteria look virtuous.