People feigning “skepticism” when they were just trying to blame me, people saying it was all my fault and saying I should have known better, people making long-winded arguments that had nothing to do with my piece, people assuming other things about my life when they really know nothing about me, people making my husband out to be the victim, people shaming me for not telling the truth, people diagnosing me with personality disorders after reading a 10-minute essay, and people just being really hurtful, in general.
From Vulnerable to “Viral”
Molly S. Hill

Molly, one thing I have learned over the years is, just tell them “Go fuck yourself”, you’re not paid to listen to read crap, you’re not paid to educate them. Sure, if there’s a genuine misunderstanding, clarify it, if they have a POV of interest to you, consider it, answer if it has merit, but only if you can be bothered. Otherwise just tell them “go fuck yourself”. If you can be bothered spending the time typing, that is.

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