Now The Nightmare Begins

This is the view of a woman who interviewed Mr. D Trump in 1988. It was horribly prescient.

But lest we think the USA is wallowing alone in it’s own homemade disaster, while the rest of the world chuckles, this is a chilling and more universal view of the potential downfall of democracy that Trump now only represents rather than having created it.

(The passing references to ‘MP expenses’ and ‘Centrelink debt recovery’ current scandals are, respectively, Australian politicians claiming huge travel and accommodation expenses for flying across the country first class, or chartering aircraft, to attend “official business” such as football matches, tennis, parties etc; and large numbers of welfare recipients being charged for debts they do not owe).

[Late update: Sussan Ley, Minister for Health, has resigned, the first in what could be (ought to be) a conga line of senior Ministers and MPs falling on their swords].

It’s time for a big dose of Nembutal to help me sleep. You?