Someone being drunk is not an invitation to violate them. Would you be allowed to rob someone just because they were drunk? Kill them?
Someone being drunk is not an invitation to violate them.
Julie Biddle

Other than serious mental incompetence, there is no excuse for rape. NO space EXCUSE space FOR space RAPE. Have you got that dudes? (that’s me being nice, actually I prefer ‘scum unless otherwise proven’). NO space EXCUSE space FOR space RAPE. Maybe I need to get me a blimp and sky-write it.

Putting that aside, it’s the pits, a frightened woman, or a drunk woman, probably both — masturbating with your hand is better. But that’s not what it’s about really, is it? It’s POWER AND CONTROL. Oh you poor cogs in the machine. It eats you when it’s tired of you, don’t you know?

You don’t have shit to say to Molly, ‘cos you aren’t worth shit. Creep back into your worm burrows, say ‘sorry for letting the side down’ to the bacteria while you’re there. You know, if I was a bacterium, I’d be ashamed of you. To whom am I referring? YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, WORMS.

BTW, if you want to attack me for this, worms, try saying something nice or at least neutral in the first sentence, because if you are abusive from the start I just find the ‘Delete‘ button irresistible.

It’s funny, I just have two refrains competing in my head ‘Go fuck yourself’ and ‘Another one bites the dust’. Wonder who’ll win. Both probably.

Sorry, I need to get back to talking to a higher life form.

What were you saying Trichomonas vaginalis? You’re getting lonely?

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