loving, communicative, respectful, fun, intelligent, clean! :) (this warranted an exclamation point and smiley face), hard-working, active, spontaneous, responsible.
What do Women Want?

Quote from Edith: “I thought you’d never ask”. Add to your list “cunnilingus”. I bookmarked your article three days ago, I knew what I felt was missing, but I wanted to think if I should make this comment. But then I did a quick count — of 11 serious partners (I’m not sexually profligate, no one-night-stands, 18 years in my second marriage with several attractive opportunities, but I refused to ‘play’), 9 very definitely thought it was an important part of a good sexual relationship, which was an important part of a more general relationship. In one case, Nola, a vital part. I will write the story of Nola in the next few days.

So I think you could add ‘likes cunnilingus’ to your list, probably nearer the beginning than the end.