My DNA shows that I am 17 percent Irish
No Justice, no Point
Colette Clarke Torres

That’s a very beautiful prayer, thank you Colette. And indeed a very profound quotation too, I have read the link to Bishop Schori, and I will read the further links given there. I think I will agree, sadly. Substitute Australia for America in Bishop Schori’s letter, and I have only one amendment I would make: to ‘idolatry’ I would add ‘and savagery’.

On the issue of ancestry, there was some dispute as to whether my father’s last name derived from the Norman French ‘de Verley’ or the Irish version. So, my brother had a DNA test, and the results were that we have Celtic, Scandinavian and French genes — so I may be able to claim to be descended from an Iceni, whose ancestor was probably raped by a Viking, then later by a Norman. I have two daughters, so Boudica lives, perhaps.

Incidentally, my brother Malcolm married a most interesting woman, Isobel, now sadly dead from dementia. She’s in the Guinness book of records and listed on wiki. We’re a weird mob.

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