and I do not like the only explanation I have come up with
I had to answer this.
David Varley

Which was (maybe): she was more comfortable with the patriarchy and white male privilege than trusting her wings to hold her aloft. Maybe. But, I still have a problem with this explanation: as a feminist, she agreed with all its principles of equality and ability, but she would not take the actions that implied. She was no conservative, quite the opposite, she thought my views were perhaps a little too far ‘left’ for her, but only a little.

So, when a time came that we were taking a short break from one another and I met someone who was totally ‘out there’, the break became permanent. I regret to this day being dazzled, bewitched in fact by a person who, it turned out, had previously diagnosed NPD — very extreme narcissism — and the high intelligence to turn it into physical reality as a politician, a feminist, a media performer. Mea culpa, for being a fool, my only justification is, many others were entrapped by her too.

I think you are about to make someone very similar President, which worries me immensely.

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