Donald Trump is a criminal and a sociopath who fans the flames of racism and xenophobia with hateful rhetoric and divisive speech. He attacks his critics, admits no fault, and is willing to forgo any process or protocol in the pursuit of unlimited power. He has a vision of women as sexual objects and reproductive slaves and he plans to literally and figuratively build a wall around us to shut out the interaction and influence of a discerning world community. Like all sociopaths, he is charming and charismatic and has lulled a certain percentage of our population (not the majority by any stretch) into a comforting and inspiring vision of their own superiority. There is no telling how far away from democracy his ethos of might-makes-right may take us but it is undeniably a rejection of the very principles upon which America was founded and has evolved.
We Gotta Fuckin Stop This
Ani DiFranco

You might want to read what Elizabeth Mika has said on this topic. She thinks Trump is a narcissistic, psychopathic fascist. She is much more qualified than I. but I totally agree with her. Trump scares the living daylights out of me. If he doesn’t scare you, more fool you.

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