Top 10 Reasons I want to study at TU Delft

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  1. They are ranked 5th in the QS World University rankings for Civil Engineering. (They held 2nd place in 2015)
Screenshot of 2016 QS World Rankings. Link.

2. They have an International Festival of Technology.

International Festival of Technology Website

Don’t you miss those events where countries used to get together to host the latest in technological innovation? Sometimes the Internet makes us forget the magic of getting together and reveling over the latest technologies. This event is a great example of the type of exciting events I can look forward to participating in and an excellent opportunity to exchange in an academic community that transcends borders.

It even includes live music!

Source: IFoT Instagram account

3. This is their Library.


No, seriously!

Source: DOKLAB

And wait until you see the interior.


4. They have epic student housing.

Source: Archdaily

5. And they have a cool Civil Engineering Building too!


6. There is bicycle parking everywhere!

Source of original photo by Marie Ebert

7. Speaking of which, they invented a 3D-printed stainless steel bicycle!

Source: 2015 WAAM team @ TU Delft

8. They even have a static Bicycle Simulator.

Essential for conducting bicycle-related research, which I am interested in conducting.

9. And they invented a bicycle that can stabilize itself?!?!

10. It’s basically everything I’ve ever wanted in Grad school.


A great campus area, with active transportation choices, attractive architecture, the beautiful Dutch culture and the opportunity to learn within a multicultural setting are all reasons I want to attend TU Delft in the fall. If you want to help me out, please read about my campaign to raise funds at

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BONUS. This is Bolt, TU Delft’s mascot!

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