“Your Life is inside An Algorithm”

At the early stage of your birth, your Algorithm began with the following data : your name, your height , weight and DNA were recorded. Then, you probably were born from Machine Learning Algorithm if your parents met in a social network( dating site) like around 1995.Soon, your entire genome may be sequenced and shared by researchers around the world along with your medical records .A few years later, you were enrolled in day care, you received your first birthday party invitation, and you were recorded in a census. Today, you have a Social Security or national ID number with FingerPrint , bank accounts and credit cards, and a smartphone or smartwatch that always knows where you are due to your GPS and Accelerometer.However, we live inside an Algorithm, but will Algorithm help us to survive in our future life ?

Algorithm will help neurologists implant chips in our brains, but will it help us turn off the chatter?

(Black Mirror TV Show : Grain[Brain Implant] allows people to have precise memory of what they have lived)

Algorithm will help us remember ,but will it let us forget?

Algorithm will help politicians (ex: Donald Trump) get elected, but will it help them lead?

Algorithm will help companies make products(ex: Uber) disruptive and addictive, but will it help us see the difference between Monopoly and Competition?

Algorithm will help High -Frequency Traders(HFT) sell digital stocks in nanoseconds from the Blockchain, but will it help us protect markets in the Blockchain from feedback loops in their programs?

Algorithm will help us to solve problems( Income Inequality , Double Irish With A Dutch Sandwich and Eurogroup) that could have been hidden , but will it help us detect the next secret society ?

Algorithm will help advertisers(ex: facebook ) see people as data ,but will it help us remember those data are people?

Algorithm will help banks prevent credits card fraud, but will it help us stay out of debt?

Algorithm will help credit card companies predict the impending collapse of a marriage, but will it keep our marriages from falling apart?

Algorithm will help meteorologists predict storms and tornadoes, but will it help us rebuild the homes of survivors?

Algorithm will help biologists map the migration of the fish, but will it keep us from overfishing the oceans?

Algorithm will help astronomers search for signs of alien life, but will it help us know if aliens are friendly or mean?

Algorithm will help cardiologists monitor pacemakers with WIFI connections, but will it keep hackers from hacking our hearts?

Algorithm will help virologists publish the genomes of major diseases, but will it keep terrorists from developing weaponized strains ?

Algorithm will help soldiers kill enemies remotely with drones, but will it help us see war as more than a game?

Algorithm will help automakers build “Self-Driving Cars”, but will it help us to decide if they must be programmed to kill?

Algorithm will help urbanists develop “Smart Cities” , but what will become of our towns?

Algorithm will help governments map the consumption patterns of cities, but will it help depend less on consuming?

Algorithm will help hackers or whistleblowers leak evidence of government surveillance, but will it treat those whistleblowers as heroes or thieves?

Algorithm will help police triangulate the location of gunshots, but will it help us address the underlying causes of violence?

Algorithm will help educators make excellent standardized tests , but will it help us embrace different standards of excellence?

Algorithm will help farmers engineer crops to produce bigger yields, but will it keep corporations from patenting our food?

Algorithm will help search engines(ex: GOOGLE) know how often people search for “ Ebola or HIV”, but will it help us to predict with 100 % accuracy if people who search “Ebola or HIV” have it in real time?

Algorithm will help singles have a hundred first dates, but will it help them know when they have found the right person?

Algorithm will help geneticists sequence our genome, but will it help us understand who we are ?

Algorithm will help us feel connected, but will it help us feel loved?

Algorithm will help unlock the secrets of the universe, but will it help us discover the real people and the main causes behind the murder of JFK ?

Algorithm will help us uncover the facts, but will it help us be wise?

Algorithm will help us see the world as it is , but will it help us see the world as it could be?

Algorithm will help us live forever, but will it help us see that life’s meaning stems from the fact that it ends?

Algorithm will help physicists find the “God particle” in a supercollider, but will it help us agree about God?

Finally, Algorithm will help us to create the path to Superintelligence or Singularity or Transcendence ( AI, Whole brain Emulation, Biological Cognition, Brain Computer Interfaces, Cognitive superpowers, Networks and Organizations ), but will it help us to survive the post -transition formation of a singleton?