Ensuring your app looks as you expect across different devices is a critical part of providing a quality experience for all your users. Visual-snapshotting automates this process and thankfully it’s quite easy to set up with Storybook. There are a lot of tools that provide Visual Snapshots out of the…

Webpack magic and AST traversing study.

Recently, I’ve added a new addon to the Storybook ecosystem, that will help documenting examples of the supported frameworks 😉 This addon utilizes a custom Webpack loader with a static code analysis and I find it interesting and worthwhile to share. …

Adventures in monkeypatching

In this post I explain how to monkeypatch Jest’s internal functionality in order to improve the development experience by creating separate snapshot files per test. This is particularly useful for the DOM snapshots which can be quite large and difficult to review in the context of source control.

Jest is…

My first open source contribution =)

I recently contributed Story Hierarchy to Storybook, which was a major feature of the 3.2 release. It is my first OSS contribution. This is the story of how I came to Storybook and how I developed the feature.

Love Story

I first discovered Storybook when I was looking for a living styleguide…

Igor Davydkin

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