I do have standards for my leaders. This is why I absolutely do not want Donald Trump in the oval office.

I was curious how you defined “corrupt” as well. To me, corrupt means malicious illegal activity for one’s personal gain, either political or financial. By that definition, I hope we can agree that Clinton’s email scandal hardly qualifies. Her foundation issue is a separate topic and warrants a different discussion. All I’ll say is that you seem to imply that lying is corrupt, which means, I suppose, that 95% of all politicians and businessmen are corrupt.

I’ll leave this discussion with some links I encourage you to read about the systemic security problems at the state department, and encourage you to think about who else would be disqualified from running for President by your metrics. You can start by the CNBC reference in the article. Here’s one from the New York Times:

Released Emails Show Use of Unclassified Systems Was Routine

There are a couple of great articles from the Washington Post as well, but unfortunately I cannot find them right now (this was months ago and it’s not easy to weed through all the articles on this email scandal, given how many there have been).

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