Love the process

Lately I watched tons of videos about entrepreneurs explaining stories about their lives and struggles they have had throughout their lives to finally become who they actually are right now — successful people.

During theirs talks they encouraged people to achieve their dreams in life, to make them come true, to make a living from what they really love to do. At some point I realized that they just told the stories about the process and how much of their lifetime it took them to achieve something. They always pointed out that they did something they were passionate about, that they did what they really liked, what they thought was the best thing they could do at that point in their lifes. Ya … of course they had some problems and struggles to get through but all of that were just things that shaped them into what they are right now and made them to appreciate what they have.

Out of many things I have found something that they all had in common — they really enjoyed PROCESS itself of becoming great. They loved that feeling when they finished something and realized that it paid off. Some of them came with the mindset that they will always thrive for more obstacles to overcome because they learn more from them.

I also realized that success itself come with many contributions but as soon as you start with the dream or idea and start to execute it - you will get into that feeling that impossible is nothing, so you can just start and you can do whatever you want. BUT you need to remeber that you can’t get distracted (specially at the begining of this journey) since as soon as you become different than your regular self (and more successful at that point) there will be people who won’t like that. They will try to take you back to their level of existance (that is being mediocre) since they will feel uncomfortable around you. You need to realize that you might lose some friends but as that will happen you will open new doors for more valuable people who will more likely lift you up than drag you down.

I would like you to ask yourself this question:

WHY you want to be successfull in life?

Because if its for money — you will get dissapointed and never acomplish anything good. You must love what you do and have all the priorities straight. Otherwise you won’t be able to achieve your goals and process itself won’t be enjoyable.

Be patient.

Love the process.

Become one with it.

Do what you love.

and just do it! ;)

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