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Dawn of Ships
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Dawn of Ships is a play to earn idle RPG game where players manage their own pirate ships, sailing across the seven seas and plundering loots. On their high seas adventures, players will explore a vast world, battle opposing ships they encounter and sea monsters and undertake thrilling quests and special events promising great rewards of Token and Gold.

  • Title: Dawn of Ships
  • Genre: Idle RPG
  • Audience: Casual and mid-core gamers who are fans of idle games and pirate-themed games
  • Core mechanic: Plundering, Fusing, Battle, and Explore
  • Blockchain: Stratis Blockchain

Core Mechanics

The core loop of Dawn of Ships involves plundering & ambushing to collect GOLD and OVIA tokens to get an even more powerful $SHIP.


$SHIP is an NFT as the core component of the game. Each $SHIP has 50 points of durability which will be reduced each time they are sent in Plundering & Ambushing missions. Having 0 point of durability will disable the $SHIP to participate in any mission until they are repaired. They will have randomized parts, combined with random clan, it will affect its looks & its effectiveness when Plundering & Ambushing.

Pirate’s Clan

There are 6 Pirate’s Clan in the game, each with a unique emblem design and theme. Each $SHIP will have an assigned Pirate’s Clan determined from the assigned Class.


Each Pirate’s Clan has 6 distinct Classes. Each Class will determine the available Skill in battle. Skill is still TBD for future version.


Each $SHIP has 3 distinct parts: Body, Main Mast, and Foremast. Each of this part can be from other Classes & Clan then the one assigned to any particular $SHIP, making every $SHIP in DoS have a unique visual & stat.


The total stat of a $SHIP has is determined by the combination of its assigned Clan & the parts it has.

Base Stats

Base stats are determined by the $SHIP’s Clan.

Additional Stats

Each Ship Part will give additional stat. The amount of stat they give will depend on which Clan the part belongs to.

Bonus Stats

Ship parts that have the same Clan with the $SHIP will give bonus stat.

Legendary Parts

When Fusing, each part of the produced $SHIP will have a 0.07% chance to have Legendary Parts. This part will appear glowing and will give 10% bonus stat if came from the same Clan and 5% bonus stat if came from different Clan.

Final Stats

The formula for the final stats of the $SHIP is as follows:

(BaseStat + AdditionalStat) * (100% + BonusStat) * (100% + TotalLegendaryStat)

Ambush Points

The total of HP and Attack is called Ambush Points or AP.

Founder’s Edition

Founder’s Edition $SHIP is the first generation of the NFTs sold only in pre-sale. The number is very limited and will never be minted again. On top of having a stat advantage, since they have 100% Legendary Parts from the same Clan, Founder’s Edition also has special Fusing rules.

Free Ships

All player starts with 3 free ships. These ships are the same for all players, not an NFT, and can’t be sold or fused.


$CREW is the Astoverse Club NFT used in Dawn of Ships. Players are not required to assign $CREW to send Plunder & Ambush missions, but doing so will give different bonuses depending on the $CREW. Players can assign 1 $CREW to each $SHIP. Having multiple bonuses from the same type doesn’t stack, instead only the strongest one active.

Bonus Type

The type of bonus are determined based on the majority trait they have. The strength of the bonus is the sum of all trait of that type.



Plundering is the basic activity to gain GOLD & OVIA token. To start a Plundering mission, players will need a team of 3 $SHIPs and they can optionally assign 1 $CREW to each $SHIP. Players can only send at max 3 Plundering missions which can be increased by having a Club Pass in the wallet.

The durability of each $SHIP will be reduced by 5. When Plundering, the ship will be shown to sail around the sea attacking other ships.

By default, each Plundering mission takes 4 hours and returns a reward of 150 OVIA and 303.75 GOLD once completed at Level 10 with all NFT Ships. If player use all Free Ships, they will yield 75 OVIA & 303.75 GOLD instead. If they use a combination of NFT Ship & Free Ship, then the yield will be averaged based on the composition.

Yield Bonus

Yield Bonus will give an additional OVIA & GOLD reward at the end of Plunder mission. This Bonus can’t be stolen by Ambush. Sources of Yield Bonus are:

  • Bonus from a $CREW member. Having multiple $CREW with this bonus within a single Plunder mission doesn’t stack.
  • Bonus from Club Pass. Multiple Club Pass doesn’t stack.

Speed Bonus

Each Plundering mission can be shortened by having total Speed of the team > 2300. The duration of the mission will be shortened by 30 mins (including the ambush window).


$SHIP can also be sent to Ambush missions to steal from other Pirate when they’re Plundering. Ambush missions also require 3 $SHIPs and each can optionally be assigned with 1 $CREW. Each Ambush mission will take between 1 hour to 2.5 hours, depending on whether the opponent sends reinforcements or not. Sending an Ambush mission will always reward players with 12 OVIA & 24.3 GOLD at Level 10. If their Ambush is successful they’ll steal an additional 109.5 OVIA and 197.4375 GOLD at Level 10. Each Ambush mission will also reduce $SHIP durability by 3.

Ambush Window

By default, a Plundering party can only be Ambushed during the first 1.5 hours. If they have Speed Bonus, this window will be shortened. Outside this Ambush Windows they’re safe from Ambush. Each Plundering mission can only be ambushed once.


Both defending player (Plundering party) and attacking player (Ambushing party) can send up to two additional $SHIP, each can be paired with $CREW, to join the battle. The reinforcement will come in two rounds as follows:

  • Within 0.5 hours of being Ambushed, the defending player can make the 1st reinforcement
  • If the defender doesn’t send any reinforcement, the attacker won’t be able to do so as well
  • If the defender did send reinforcement, the attacking player can then respond with their reinforcement within 0.5 hours after defender’s reinforcement
  • The 2nd round will play out exactly like the 1st round, starts right after the reinforcement opportunity for the attacking player, whether they send reinforcement or not

Team Level

The average Level of all the $SHIPs in the team, including the reinforcements, will determine the Team Level. Players can only Ambush a Plundering party with Team Level +-1 difference. Similarly players can’t send reinforcement that will cause their Team Level to shift beyond the +-1 difference.

Clan Advantage

Clan advantage will give bonus or penalty to the battling team based on the above diagram. The Clan of the team will be determined from the majority Clan of the 3 $SHIPs, reinforcement not included. If no Clan is majority, the team is considered as “clanless”. Teams with disadvantaged Clan will have -7% total of AP when calculating the outcome of the battle. Clanless teams will always have -3% total AP.

Battle Outcome

The outcome of the battle will be calculated based on the total AP of each party, including Clan Advantage.

Defender wins if : Plundering party’s AP ≥ Ambushing party’s AP

Attacker wins if : Ambushing party’s AP > Plundering party’s AP

Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike is a lucky chance at victory for the Plundering party even when their AP is losing. Lucky Strike can only happen if the Plundering party sends 2 rounds of reinforcements. By default the chance is fixed at 7%, but can be increased by:

  • Having a high Speed

Speed bonus = (Average Speed (include reinforcements) — 560) * 0.125

  • Having a lower AP difference between parties

AP bonus = 60 / (Ambushing AP — Plundering AP) ^ .5

  • $CREW bonus within the team

Multiple Lucky Strike bonus doesn’t stacks

If the Ambushing party have Lucky Strike bonus too, it will reduce the total Lucky Strike chance for Plundering party

  • Total Lucky Strike chance

Total = Base Chance + PP Bonus + AP Bonus + Crew Bonus — Opponent’s Crew Bonus


Repair will refill the durability of a $SHIP to maximum, it costs GOLD to repair. The amount of GOLD required is determined by:

  • Level of the $SHIP
  • How broken the $SHIP is (by percentage)

RepairCost = 683.4375 * Level/10 * EmptyPercentage

Leveling Up

When freshly minted, $SHIP starts at level 1 and has only a fraction of their potential max attributes. To get the maximum potential of their attributes, the $SHIP needs to be leveled up until it’s max level (10). Leveling up costs OVIA token plus GOLD.

GoldCost = 341.71875 * Level

OviaCost = 375 * Level


Fusing will produce & mint a new $SHIP. To perform fusing, player have to provide 2 $SHIPs as seeds that fit the requirements:

  • Both have maxed level
  • Both have maxed Durability

The newly minted $SHIP will have random parts based on genetic rules. The Fusion process will take 24 hours, during which the seed $SHIP can’t be sent to mission.


Each $SHIP part has Traits makeup that will determine the inherited parts during Fusing. These Traits are divided into 3 types, Dominant, Dormant, and Minor Dormant. These Traits provide the probabilities for each $SHIP part to be inherited in the fused $SHIP. The resulting Dominant Traits is what determines the part that is present on the fused $SHIP.

Inherited Clan & Class

When a pair of $SHIPs fused, the Clan of the resulting $SHIP has a 50% chance to be the Clan of either seed. The Class however is a total random from all Classes belonging to those Clan.

Fusing Cost

Fusing also costs GOLD and OVIA token, the amount is affected by the Fused Count of the seeds. Founder’s edition $SHIP doesn’t have a fused count limit so therefore have always had a base Fusing Cost.

TotalResourceCost = ResourceCostA + ResourceCostB

TotalOviaCost = OviaCostA + OviaCostB

RecourceCost = 6834.375 * (1 + FusedCount)

OviaCost = 7500 * (1 + FusedCount)

Fused Count

When a $SHIP is used as seed for fusing, their Fused Count is increased by 1. The maxed count is 3. After the Fused Count reaches max value, the $SHIP is burned and gone forever. Founder’s edition $SHIP doesn’t have a fused count limit but can only be used as seed once every week.

Club Pass

Club Pass is another NFT that will give player bonuses simply by owning them. Owning more than one Club Pass won’t give additional bonuses.

Weekly Leaderboard

Player’s Plunder result is recorded in leaderboard. The leaderboard is based on the total hours player has completed Plunder expedition and displayed as total in-game days (30 days / hour). The leaderboard will reset every week (manually).

Daily/ weekly Challenge


Token & Resources



TBD for later milestones, roughly : there will be NFT to produce “Treasure Map” NFT which will be used to gather Treasure, another NFT, that will give various bonuses if the collection is completed.



Dawn of Ships

Dawn of Ships is an experimental Web3 idle RPG game where players manage their pirate ships, sailing across the seven seas and plundering loot.