State of the Stream: 2016
Edward Von Ruckus

Eddie, my dear

Whatever you decide is right for you at this time or in the future many of us who follow you will still be there, as we have been for many years. Yes, Minecraft is what drew me to your stream (who can forget the sheer beauty of your mega builds on the Build Guild server?) but it is you we watch, not the game in particular and some of us have been around for a very long time, pre- and -post move. You say you have nothing left to lose, but that just means that you have everything to gain. Streaming and Twitch isn’t the whole of your or anyone else’s life, sometimes that external proof of your followers love can be a blessing, but also a curse when you can feel the weight of imagined pressure to be “on” all the time. It’s (nearly) Spring now, so a time of new growth and new life and this is a good time to reflect on what makes you, and only you, happy and fulfilled (quite apart from your beautiful fiancée)! You are again at a crossroads, and all options and directions are open to you. Here in England we have a tradition of Spring Cleaning and this continues both physically (getting the home clean and fresh) and mentally. This, to me, is the real New Year in as much that we take time to appraise what has meaning in our lives and what we want to take forward into the rest of the year. Personally, as I will turn 60 soon and am now permanently stuck in my “chariot” (it’s better to think of the wheelchair like that!) I want to break out of my winter gloom and start counting daisies again. No one lies on their deathbed and thinks “I wish I’d done more of the stuff that got me down” after all, so let’s try and find this elusive thing called happiness in whatever form it presents, huh? Keep on talking, both to your friends and online, won’t you? You mean a lot to many, many people, you know.


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