Why Content Marketing Works

For many business owners, the challenge of understanding why content marketing works can be a major issue.

The how and why both come together in quite interesting ways, too. For any business owner who struggles to grasp why they should be using content marketing, and how it actually works, keep reading on.

We’ll help you communicate with other businesses in the future with effective, engaging content in no time at all. Many businesses choose to go down the digital marketing route and use banner ads and the like to enforce their position. After all, a picture tells a thousand words, right?

Wrong — in this instance, anyway. The reason why content marketing works is that banner advertisements tend to have a click-through-rate as small as 0.11%. However, content tends to have a far greater level of click-through potential and is much more likely to catch the eye. Consider that people tend to come online to look for certain details or information; they’re more likely to find that in a piece of content than a banner.

The Power of Content

It’s all rather simple; a business that uses a more defined content creation and marketing strategy will succeed. By investing in content marketing, a business has the chance to start building an empire. Why?

  • Because content is seen as the best way to drive authority. You give people the information they needed, thus making yourself the authority. People become far more interested in what you can offer them professionally.
  • Content is easier to share and discuss than a banner. Whilst you might do well by using imagery as your content, you can include images within the written content. This makes it easier for your content to be related to and shared easily, using — for example — an infographic from the content. This builds the idea that your business is not only trustworthy but effective.
  • You drive the chances of custom acquisition by using content marketing. Just how content marketing works is simple — you create information people are looking for. They come across it and will share the information with other like-minded people. This creates a position whereby you have informed lots of individuals through word-of-mouth.

Content Marketing in B2B

As a business marketing to other businesses, you have more trouble trying to get people to listen, connect and engage with what you have to offer. However, you do need to have someone managing your content more than ever if you wish to succeed.

According to CSI, 86% of the most effective B2B businesses are using someone to oversee content marketing strategies. Given that teams can contain as little as six people, it’s not a major expense to build a content marketing team. However, the positive outcome from doing this cannot be understated.

When you hire a content marketing team, they can help develop your business massively. Content-driven marketing can create a positive return on investment for most marketers who use a strategy. This means that for the cost of the team you are building more authority and driving more business your way.

In the B2B world, this is invaluable. It’s always best to push the boat out on things like content marketing strategies. Just remember to make it a regular thing — daily blog posts make it far more likely that you are going to be a genuine success, driving more traffic and creating that much-needed authority.

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