Time for quiet and space to contemplate before writing. @ForestParkForever


“Brush Your Teeth!” ​

How many times did I hear that from my mom before I took ownership of my own oral hygiene? We often need to be persistently told and gradually persuaded of that which will benefit us before we implement and own it.

​Over the past few years that I’ve been a social entrepreneur, I knew that blogging would be an important part of my work . My few early attempts were too few and too far between. If you know me at all you will understand that, along with all my ADD brothers and sisters, one of the most accurate words to describe me is #distractible. (Squirrel!!!) As a distractible person dealing with all that is needed to get a startup going, blogging usually lands at the bottom of the task list. I’ve done most of my storytelling at events, meeting people face to face. However, I have recently been strongly encouraged by several advisors, friends and coaches to 1) share my struggles, joys and stories more consistently and 2) to get those thoughts out online.

The #30DayBlogChallenge

The time has come to make a change! In a new effort in the constant struggle to nurture my mental, physical and spiritual health, while also cultivating the discipline of writing, I have decided to combine them all into a #30DayBlogChallenge. Beginning August 1, I will pack up my computer each morning, hop on my bike — with my funky toe shoes — and head to Forest Park to open my arteries, lungs, and mind while pouring out my thoughts.

​I will share struggles of building a social enterprise, stories of vulnerability and restoration, thoughts on intentional living, the tension between the “Is” and the “Ought”, and how my weaknesses create a beautiful space to show God’s provision. Full disclosure: many of the blogs I will be publishing during the challenge were started previously and this is the impetus to get me to finish them.

You Are Invited!

Invited to be amused as I figure this blogging thing out! Invited to be inspired by the stories of people and situations I’ve encountered. Invited to contemplate how each of us can make a positive impact in our world.

Together let’s explore this life…between the “Is” and “Ought”.