Butterfly Killer

In case you haven’t yet heard of or taken the Myers Briggs personality test, it is a research-supported personality profiling system that plots your personality on either side of four divides: Introvert/Extrovert, iNtuitive/Sensing, Thinking/Feeling, and Perceiving/Judging. Test results are given in a four-letter profile. For example, I am an ENFP: an extroverted-intuitive-feeling-perceiver. Knowing which side of those divides you fall on can be useful for career decisions, relationships, and even romance. I don’t let test results dictate my behavior or put me in a box, but when I read through a description of ENFPs I usually laugh myself to tears. It is SO true. I’m also discovering that it also has bearing on being an entrepreneur.

I don’t know focusing is hard for me because I am an ENFP, but of all the words that describe me, distractible scores highly. I have been taking a productivity course and learning how to try to develop my focus. One of the key takeaway for me was a technique for dealing with distractions in the emotional, physical, and mental realms. The teacher encouraged me to see those distractions as butterflies, which really captures the way stray thoughts flit about my brain sometimes!. Dealing with those butterflies is a three step process: 1) Identify the distraction 2) Identify what you want to focus on. 3) Kill the butterfly!!!

I am now attempting to become a butterfly killer. It may seem brutal, but I have a vision and I won’t let distracting butterflies, no matter how interesting, get in my way!