WW3 around the corner ( Fading Creativity) Fight or Flight?

Photo by Ayom Rohmansyah on Unsplash

It felt completely different. I felt like my whole world suddenly changed the moment I watched the news and the newsfeeds in social media that Ukraine is under attack and the fact that Kiev is 1,779 km away from me, I knew that WW3 is just literally around the corner. I don’t know how to react as I remembered during the time I attended the Integration course, learning the history of Germany and Russia was literally intense just by reading and knowing that history can repeat itself. The only difference is that I am witnessing and might witness more of what is the current event and how it will unfold for me and for the future situation that we are in or I am in.

The Russia-Ukraine war enters 55th day and based on the current news, all of the diplomatic actions were unsuccessful in which It made me feel more anxious about the coming days. I would have never expected that it will reached up to this point. I am completely speechless and sometimes get lost thinking deep just by how can I continue my life not knowing what will happen in the next days, coming weeks or months. My creativity is fading but I’m fighting back to create something that will give positive vibes and create positivity to the community that I am connected with or to the people that my creation will reach and make sure that their creativity and uplift them that we will restore peace for our future generation.

Photo by Soragrit Wongsa on Unsplash

In creative perspective, the war feels like surreal. It felt like a world where human emotions starts to feels prohibited and numb.

As a Photographer, Videographer and Musician, I feel like it is my duty to make sure that the people feel less anxious by taking beautiful sceneries for them or write beautiful songs or record endless calming videos as the world need this right now.

Photo by Jonny Neuenhagen on Unsplash

For those who are reading this, Stay strong and calm. Go get some fresh air and enjoy the nature.



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