VR, feet, and the power of empathy
Simone Stolzoff

GREAT article, Simone! It hit me immediately after getting the Ricoh Theta S that with these cameras, the audience is kind of in control. As you mention, we have spent our whole lives as filmmakers and/or photographers worrying about the edit or the composition…How to effectively communicate something in one frame…or a few strung together….or, how to “suggest” to the audience what we’re trying to make them feel or understand, based on how we stitch scenes together. Now, the audience will have total control of where they look and when. A new challenge to us, perhaps (at least in narrative fiction)…but, it should also encourage repeat viewings of pieces. “Maybe this next time, I’ll look right instead of left when the bison approaches me…” was something I found myself thinking after viewing “American Bison”…one of the Sundance 2016 VR films.

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