From GenX to GenY: #StayBernieStrong

I just read this, about how centrist democrats, (read: establishment) are raining--or more accurately, shitting on--the parade of optimism and enthusiasm that Sanders supporters are generating. And it really, really pisses me off. It’s not constructive. It’s not practical. It’s not compassionate. It’s not fair. And most of all, it’s plain wrong.

All my life, I’ve been taught the conventional political wisdom of “the lesser of two evils,” that our votes on the west coast don’t count, that pragmatism and the center inevitably dominates. That idealism doesn’t GSD. And for nearly as long as I’ve been alive, this country has been declining on almost every metric I care about. Now, some of the world’s smartest scientists think we’re headed toward catastrophic change that threatens human existence, and is already decimating nonhuman creatures at a breathtaking and horrific clip of 150 per day. If ever it seemed an appropriate time for all of us to say, as Bernie does, often, “Enough is enough,” and try for some big, bold changes, it couldn’t be more obvious that now is that time.

So, to my millenial dear ones in particular, listen up.

DO NOT allow the establishment to to mar or decrease your optimism. DO NOT pay attention to all the BS that you’re a generation of whiny brats. The people who’re peddling that nonsense are either willfully ignorant, or lacking in imagination.

The truth the establishment CANNOT STAND, is that you all will determine this election, and thus determine whether we go forward with ambitious goals that may fail, but that it’s stupid and immoral not to try for. Since climate change threatens human existence, it’s fair to say the weight of the world is on your shoulders, ready or not. That’s an enormous responsibility.

But you're the most diverse, most educated generation in western history, and the most civic-minded, most compassionate, most team-oriented, results-oriented generation alive. You've got the goods, no doubt about it.

But seriously, y’all need to up your game. So far, I’m disappointed by my own millenial lovies--you know who you are--I know you care, you need to let the world know. Engage on every possible level. Show your support as often as you have a chance. Stay strong. Write, film, take action, document, share. These things are some of your many gifts…you invented them! The most powerful and wealthy interests in the world are fighting you on every front, they will use every advantage they can find, whether or not it’s legal or fair or ethical. You have to be smarter and louder and stronger to defeat those interests. And you can, I know it.

I hope you will, the world is counting on you.

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