CBAC Calls For $15 BN For Office of Freedmen’s Affairs

#51 National Committee For Office Of Freedmen’s Affairs

Concerned Black American Citizens represents Black Americans who are advocating for the establishment of a county level administrative Office Of Freedmen’s Affairs, and a transformative Black American agenda. While legacy organizations such as N’Cobra/NAARC and “Institute of the Black World 21st Century” (“IBW”) have received millions of dollars from majority institutions such as the Macarthur Foundation, to NOT lobby Congress for cash Reparations; CBAC Volunteers are teachers, lawyers, laborers, bus drivers, amazon workers, Uber drivers, electricians, or more simply, everyday Black Americans who are fighting to improve our social and political wellbeing in the United States.

In spite of the testimony of noted supreme court scholar and Dean of School of Law at UC Berkeley, Erwin Chemerinsky that only “lineage based” reparations, meaning not based on one’s color, would be impervious to a Supreme Court challenge, N’Cobra/NAARC continue to push “race based” reparations. Look at Evanston Illinois as an example, where activists are protesting the housing voucher program for which only 16 residents qualified. Essentially, legacy organizations such as those mentioned have committed to a losing strategy that will ensure that direct compensation to descendants is unobtainable. In this Reparations fight CBAC has stayed true to the understanding that those who were promised 40 acres and a mule should be the recipients of reparative justice, better known as Reparations. As such, we are committed to pursuing a good faith, constitutionally sound strategy of lineage based compensation to “Jim Crow Survivors and their children”, also known as the “American Freedmen”.

Concerned Black American Citizens, founded in November 2019, is a nonpartisan organization that writes public policy advocating for pure reparations and a focused agenda of restorative policies to repair and rebuild the Black family after decades of targeted wealth destruction and genocide by the United States government.

More Black Americans are now focusing more than ever before on our lineage, and we are moving past the ‘race barrier”. “Race” has been deemed unconstitutional, and “past discrimination is not a compelling reason” enough to “fix” race based disparities, according to the Supreme Court. Therefore, we are both compelled and fortunate to have the ability to utilize the federal class designation of “American Freedman/Freedwoman”, which was established by Congress in 1863 to reclassify “Negros” and “free people of color” who were emancipated from United States chattel slavery between 1776 and 1865. Focusing on our lineage and political status of “American Freedmen”, instead of race, exponentially improves the likelihood of successfully passing legislation for native Black Americans.

Following the American Civil War, Congress established the Freedmen’s Bureau, (1865–72), during the Reconstruction period to provide practical aid to 4,000,000 newly emancipated Americans in their transition from slavery to freedom. Headed by Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard, the Freedmen’s Bureau could be considered the nation’s first federal welfare agency. Despite the handicaps of inadequate funds and poorly trained personnel, the bureau built schools and hospitals, and gave direct medical assistance and education to more than 1,000,000 freedmen. House Resolution 51 of 1864 was:

  1. An act to establish an administrative office to watch over the execution of all laws, proclamations, and military orders of emancipation, or in any way concerning Freedmen, and generally, by careful regulations, in the spirit of the Constitution, to protect these persons in the enjoyment of their rights, to promote their welfare, and to secure to them and their posterity the blessings of liberty,
  2. to enforce all laws enacted to protect Freedmen from all harms foreign and domestic,
  3. to delineate and count the Freedmen population across all local, state and federal data, statistics, recommendations and reporting,

Office Of Freedmen’s Affairs, House Resolution #51 1864

With the formation of the National Committee for Office of Freedmen’s Affairs, CBAC is calling on Congress to make a major investment of $15 billion to begin to reconstruct The Other America. Funding will be used to re-establish and staff the Office of Freedmen’s Affairs (“OFA”) which will lead to further developments to close the American Freedmen lineage wealth gap of $15 trillion. The Office of Freedmen’s Affairs will be endowed with the resources to help Black Americans document their lineage and ancestry. The Office will also be empowered to collect specific lineage-based data on business ownership and employment for the purpose of earmarking federal contracts for OFA. It will also be charged with ensuring Black Americans fully exercise their rights — from voter registration to disbursement of other benefits for which they may qualify.

American Freedmen History

Despite their persecution in the United States, from 1870 to 1940 Black Americans were granted a mind numbing 50,000 patents! Black American Freedmen accounted for more inventions than immigrants from every other country except England and Germany. It’s time that we educate America about the story of the American Freedmen. Americans must learn in school that this country was not only built upon the backs of slaves, but that Freedmen continued to contribute in significant ways to the country we know today, without ever being rightly compensated for the industries they created or acknowledged for their critical contributions to America’s vast wealth. These contributions should be widely known and recognized as a point of national pride for all of America! A strong k-12 curriculum is of critical importance and its development should be a key mission of the OFA.

Who Is Eligible

In keeping with the 3/29/22 decision by California’s first-in-the-nation Reparations task force, CBAC agrees with the Commissions decision to adhere to both the intent of the AB 3121 legislation; as well as Dean Erwin Chemerinsky’s legal argument for a lineage-based reparations claim for “AMERICAN FREEDMEN”, who are defined as “African Americans” descended from emancipated American slaves and “persons of color” living in the United States before 1900. American Freedmen are survivors of chattel slavery, Jim Crow, The Wars on Poverty & Drugs, mass incarceration and Structural Violence.

We point to further historical examples of the exclusionary, structural economic violence that the US government has exacted upon Black American Freedmen since their emancipation:

The Homestead Act — During the late 1800s White Europeans were awarded millions of acres of land, but excluded Black Americans

Robbery of Black Farmers — Over 20 million of acres of land owned by American Freemen has been stolen through fraud and discriminatory policies and practices such as “eminent domain”, with the sanction of state and local governments.

The G.I. Bill — American Freedmen fought in World War II, but the vast majority of Black soldiers never received the range of social and economic benefits awarded to White soldiers. Newly arrived immigrants who also fought in the war were able to access these benefis where American Freedmen were excluded.

Federal Housing Administration Act — Enacted in 1935, the FHA provided loans to families to purchase homes and generate wealth. Millions of White Americans were afforded the opportunity of home ownership via the FHA, millions of Blacks were

denied the same opportunity. Newly arrived immigrants were able to access these benefits where American Freedmen were excluded.

Redlining — With the support or complicity of municipal authorities, financial institutions deliberately starved designated Freedmen neighborhoods of investment.

The result of this unending deprivation led economists before the pandemic to project that the average net worth for Black American Freedmen households in the United States would fall to ZERO by 2053. As was the case in 1951 when the Civil Rights Congress charged the United States with genocide against its Freedmen citizens before the United Nations, nothing has changed America, “We Charge Genocide”.

The Journey for Reparative Justice

The Civil Rights Congress (1946–1956)-

The CRC was among the first organizations to expose American racism in the international arena and to connect it to United States Cold War foreign policy in the decolonizing world. In 1951 these efforts climaxed when William Patterson presented his landmark study “We Charge Genocide” to the General Assembly of the United Nations.

General William Sherman- on January 16, 1865 commander of the Military Division of the Mississippi of the United States Army They provided for the confiscation of 400,000 acres of land along the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida and the dividing of it into parcels of not more than 40 acres on which were to be settled approximately 18,000 formerly enslaved families and other black people then living in the area.

The orders had little concrete effect as President Andrew Johnson issued a proclamation that returned the lands to southern owners who took a loyalty oath. Johnson granted amnesty to most former Confederates and allowed the rebel states to elect new governments. These governments, which often included ex-Confederate officials, soon enacted black codes, measures designed to control and repress the recently freed slave population.

Callie Guy House

The National Ex-Slave Mutual Relief, Bounty and Pension Association (MRB&PA) was an organization founded for the purpose of obtaining pensions for former slaves from the Federal government as compensation and reparations for their unpaid labor and suffering. It had two main goals: to petition Congress for a bill that would grant compensation (reparations) to former enslaved persons, and to provide mutual aid and burial expenses.

In 1915, under House’s leadership, the association filed a class-action lawsuit, Johnson v. McAdoo, in federal court against the U.S. Treasury Department for 68 million dollars. $68 million was the amount of cotton tax collected between 1862 and 1868 and, it was argued, was due to the plaintiffs because this cotton had been produced by them and their ancestors as a result of their involuntary servitude. This was the first documented Black reparations litigation in the US on the federal level. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia denied the claim based on governmental immunity as did the U.S. Supreme Court, siding with the Appeals Court’s decision.

Queen Mother Audley Moore- Used the Term DOAS!

Queen Mother Moore created The Reparations committee for the descendants of American Slaves, which was an organization advocating for reparations for the formerly enslaved and their descendants.

In 1957, Moore presented a petition to the United Nations and a second in 1959, arguing for self-determination, against genocide, for land and reparations, making her an international advocate. Interviewed by E. Menelik Pinto, Moore explained the petition, in which she asked for 200 billion dollars to monetarily compensate for 400 years of slavery. The petition also called for compensations to be given to African Americans who wish to return to Africa and those who wish to remain in America. Queen Mother Moore was the first signer of the New African agreement.

In October 1962, Moore called on her audience to “demand for reparations for the injuries inflicted upon the nation by the dominant white nation. At Moore’s behest, conference attendees drafted a “Resolution on Reparations” in which participants argued that the United States government owed restitution specifically to Black Americans descended from American slavery.

Martin Luther King-

Many of us know Dr. King for being the leader of the civil rights movement, and also the founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. In fact, King’s speeches to this day are typically some of the most studied globally. He is revered as the father of the modern day liberation struggle. He was instrumental in advocating for Civil Rights, Voting Rights and much more.

In addition to the signing of the Civil rights acts in the early 1960s and the “I have a Dream” speech, many do not realize that Dr. King was ALSO an advocate for Reparations. During his poor people’s campaign he realized that the United States Government must make a major reinvestment of billions of dollars to help repair Black America.

Dr. Claud Anderson- President of the Powernomics Corporation of America Inc.

Dr. Anderson is seen as The Godfather of the modern day Reparations movement. He is the author of Powernomics, and Black Labor White Wealth. Both books outline a clear path for Reparations for Black Americans. He also outlines the terminology which we must use in order to be successful at achieving reparations.

Dr. Anderson is the architect behind the terminology “Native Black Americans” which specifies those who were supposed to receive the promise of Special field order 15. During his testimony during an HR 40 hearing over a decade ago, he outlined and stated how Native Black Americans would become the bottom caste in this government Structure system we live in. “You will be buried under racial groups, language groups, religious groups, and gender groups”, he said.

Unfortunately, vital statistics for Black American Freedmen reveal that Dr. Anderson’s macabre prophecy is now becoming our emerging reality. Concerned Black American Citizens are fighting back. For we are the foundation and the salvation of this nation.

Khaleef “The Reparationist” Alexander | Regional Director

Concerned Black American Citizens | CBACUSA.ORG

April 11, 2022




CBAC, a non-partisan volunteer political action organization established in 2019 advocating for reparations and restorative policy for Black American families.

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Concerned Black American Citizens

Concerned Black American Citizens

CBAC, a non-partisan volunteer political action organization established in 2019 advocating for reparations and restorative policy for Black American families.

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