Dawn Bennett: Turn Your Financial Situation Around

Dawn Bennett is a seasoned financial advisor with decades of experience and multiple successful business endeavors. She is regularly featured in media sources like Bloomberg TV and MSNBC, and she has interviewed some of the biggest names in finance and politics.

If you’re presently trying to turn your financial situation around, succeeding as Dawn Bennett and her clients have might seem out of reach, but it all starts with a single step. Tips like those below can help you reassess your finances and manage your wealth to build the life you’ve always dreamed of:

· Prepare for Rainy Days

Emergencies happen. Before you do anything else, you should be prepared for rainy days. Whether it’s getting laid off, having to repair your car or suffering a life-changing injury, life’s rainy days are best tackled with an emergency fund.

Save at least enough to live on for three months as the first step in your new financial journey.

· Eliminate Debt

Paying down debt is the first way to invest in your financial situation. Each payment to a credit card or other high-interest debt account is not an investment in your wealth. Once you have eliminated debt, take the money you used to pay it off each month and start saving or investing it.

To learn more head to http://bennettgroupfinancial.com/, or tune in to Financial Myth Busting with Dawn Bennett every Sunday at 10AM on WMAL AM 630 in Washington, D.C

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