We shall not let democracy die
Yonatan Zunger

Dearest Yonatan ~ Wow! What an article full of beautifully written quotes and cliches about democracy, history, and your opinion of past political greatness compared to said present politics. The problem with the article is you write a few sentences as truth about our current President Trump as being a selfish , greedy, and power hungry man whose only motive as President of one of the greatest country’s in the world is to take advantage of his position . Yet, if this is the truth as you say , then why is he working so hard. It is not quite clear to me. He has made his fortune and could be relaxing the rest of his life with his beautiful wife and lovely family and many friends. It really does not make sense to me why this successful man would put himself through so much humiliation and hard work here in the “Golden Years” of his life to destroy his life’s reputation by working so hard to help the American people rise above their struggles and find better ways to succeed or at least live without so many worries .

Do you read minds? Do you know what is in the heart or soul of every person you gaze upon? Who are you to judge what a person strives to accomplish in life. I know some people are straightforward and tell you I am going to do something and then they proceed to do so. Some people say I will do something and they never intend to do so and never do. These people hurt and are not trusted. Some people say they will do something and begin to do what they say and their deadline runs out before they finish. They did not completely fail. They tried and the plan may still work if finished with more time. Say a person says he will do something and they come up with many different proposals on how to move forward but none of these ideas are really the best for the people the plan is targeted. The guy just does not understand the people he is trying to help and eventually he gives up . All of these things happen in real life and in politics, especially when government officials are too involved in making to many decisions for citizens. That is exactly what is best for a democracy; less government. Read definitions and books; less is best.

As far as I could tell, The last eight years under Obama, placed all Americans, under more restrictions: Obamacare- Everyone must sign up or pay a penalty ; Insurance Company’s must allow people to sign up with previous conditions without penalties and all children can stay covered on their parents insurance policy until the adult child is twenty-six years old. These are just two really simple examples that are enforcing behavior and a Democracy does not do this.

This is just really simply . No cliches, No quotes, no assumptions, no mind reading about motives. Democracy is struggling. We must act to keep it and I don’t think the next generation even understands what it is.

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