One Year Ago, I Rebooted My Life. Is It Working?
Wil Wheaton

Yes , now I need to follow your actions not just follow your writing that I read ! LOL ! Although, I do read on average a bit over 100 books a year on Goodreads just because I love reading and I read so much that my reading speed is fast ! I also like to think I read intensely because I love the books so much because each book is like meeting a new life or going to a new place. I travel in my mind and make movies as I read ! Some of my mind movies according to the books are very good ! I have trouble with choosing the cast at times . HA! Every now and then I love reading the essay of others , like this one . It is really nice to know the personal thoughts of others can be just as yours tend to be ! I set goals and break them ! You are MAGNIFICENT! You set inspiring goals that I too want to start and you are succeeding ! I am proud of you too ! I know I am just some unknown reader that reads your writing and likes you because you seem honest and funny , and this does not necessarily make me important in your world , but I am saying this as one more individual to another to encourage you ! A love thy neighbor sort of pat on the back ! Have a great day , Will. Have you read that really STRANGE shortlisted Booker Prize book Eileen yet? Talk about a neurotic character that will never bore you and the ending drops you off a cliff ! Try it you might like it ! I like Character driven novels and Eileen is one of the strangest characters I have met in a while . I could not even picture which actress to cast for her . Maybe Mara Rooney would be unique to fit the part ! It was a short read . Eileen never bathes, wears her dead mother’s clothes , lives with her drunk father who was a revered cop until after her mother died and he was forced into retirement for his drinking and escapades. Eileen keeps him inside stocked with gin and his shoes in the trunk of the car ! They live on eating peanuts, bread, eggs, tuna from a can and what ever Eileen can steal she may crave. Eileen works at a juvenile detention center for young boys in Xville in the 50's . Murder and Mayhem is introduced later .

After that you may try yoga , Will . The stretching and breathing exercises not only are good for strengthening muscles but also for learning to relieve stress and relax . Thus, you may try to sleep better by breathing better . So , here is to some good sleeping !

Please let me know how you are doing. I do write everyday , but I am just afraid that everything I write will be full of grammatical errors and people will know which parts are truly personal ! Every writer has a bit of his/ her in there somewhere! Dialogue is interesting but I hate the whole punctuation thing . I really wish I could skip it like Faulkner ! I wish I could just italicize or something! Make up my own way of writing dialogue — Yeah !

I am only halfway joking .


Dawn Copley