100 Words on Feeling Deflated

I lost my drivers license in security at the airport. Did you know how easily that little card can get tangled up in the conveyor belt? Me either.

The TSA folks were nice enough to make attempt at looking through pile of bins, but not enough effort went into looking around the area by the machine.

You know those flaps that glide over your items as they head into xray machine? They also serve as sweepers taking whatever you mistakenly laid on top of your items at the last second off into the land of no return.

I wasn’t at a big airport. In fact a small one, yet I still felt like I was in security at Philadelphia International. The minimal effort to help followed by the blase “call later and see if it turned up in lost and found,” left me feeling quite lost.

I now cannot drive until it is found or I spend the time, money, and effort to get it replaced~which I will be changing to a new state in 2 months anyway. My birthday is in 2 days and we planned a great meal out with a margarita. Can’t do that either.


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