Bears, Marie Forleo, and Disappointment

Not necessarily in that order

Totally random things on my mind today. I’m trying to tap back in to myself and get over that our Texas house STILL has not funded from the buyers, it’s HOT here in Colorado and our portable AC unit will not make it before the end of the heatwave, and finally, that I’m having a hell of a time finding a grocery store that even remotely comes close to what HEB provided for my family.

Bears, as in the bears of Katmai National Park and the cameras that will be back online near the end of this month! Is anyone else excited? Will there still be a National Park system when knucklehead gets done with his term?

Marie Forleo had Sarah Jones on as her guest today. Was a great interview and she spoke to me on quite a few different fronts. Marie really is a force for finding the people and issues that matter and sharing with the world. Love her.

Found out today my sister will probably not make it out to see us and our new home this year. Makes me sad, but I understand. Sigh.