I am an honest person. I tend to get in trouble for being too honest ~ it’s labeled as blunt. I’d rather you know where I stand and not like me, than wonder if I’m being honest with you. Call me crazy.

Here’s what happened, and you tell me what you think. We’re trying to sell our house. Our realtor has been less than up front with us on a couple of occasions. Other realtors have told us our house should have sold by now. Other realtors have offered to sell our house for us. (We’re in a contract, so that may explain something to you ) I’ll go in depth with the most recent.

We had an offer on our house. “It’s low. It’s $xxxxx. It came in late last night.” Exact words from our realtor when he called me at 1pm the next day. We’ve lost MANY hours on this offer!

We had a second offer “in the works” by a realtor who lives in our neighborhood and sells all the amenities of the subdivision, not just running her buyers through homes like a freight train dropping loads in towns on its’ route.

We held off on our counter to original offer for six and a half hours, and they walked away. Ok, no biggie. We asked our guy to let other offer people know about the situation.

In the meantime, I had a weird feeling as to why (in addition to other previous things) he held back advising us of the first offer minimum of 12 hours! We waited an hour and I reached out to showing realtor via text. That is how the showing and 2nd showing were managed. I let her know she would hear from our guy soon. She hadn’t, she thought we were off the market. I let her know about other buyers and she is through the roof happy and her buyers are still going to make an offer.

So, have I failed at remaining ethical by going behind my realtors back? Has the buyers realtor crossed a line in communicating with me directly? Did my realtor fail in basic ethics by NOT telling us of the offer first thing that next morning? I don’t care. My house needs to be sold and according to other realtors should have by now.

We are so aggravated at him, that I’m like screw it. I’ll do his freaking job for him, he can take his damn money at closing, and we’ll be on our way. I’m really curious what the masses think about this.