How to Overcome the “Funk.”

You can do this if I can.

photo by Jan Erik Waider via Unsplash

Have you ever been in a funk? I don’t mean the kind of thing that irks you for an hour or two. I mean the kind that just knocks you off your feet.

I know all about the law of attraction, and yes, I believe in it. I believe thoughts become things. Period. I’ve practiced this belief, and it works. When I don’t practice it, it doesn’t work. But, “how do you solve a problem like Maria? How do catch a cloud and pin it down?” Sorry, I digress. Songs go through my head when certain phrases enter. Question is, how did I pull myself into a funk to begin with?

Some things just don’t have easy answers. I’m in a funk. I know how to think positive. I know how to put out what it is I want to bring in. I have spent years letting the universe know what I wanted, and here I am. In that funk. Here I am in the place I do NOT want to be.

It has thrown off my relationships. It has thrown off my writing. It has crushed my creative curve. It has thrown off my desire to get the hell out of bed in the morning.

I spend my days looking at the errand list and figuring out what box to pack next. I’ve become methodical, organized, and efficient. I spent about a nano-second in the creative in the grand scheme of things. I like it there. But the funk kicked me right out.

How do we shift from this?

First is to recognize it. Not wallow in it, recognize that it is there. Find the trigger if you can without burying yourself deeper into the funk. Make peace with the issue if possible. If not, make steps towards peace.

My funk is the selling of my house. Listed in a market that was moving on an average of 1-day to 2-weeks, I’ve had no offers in 4-weeks. This has been tough to take when all the next steps are lined up waiting for the go call. My funk comes from the fact that I’ve spent twenty years planning this move and forces are holding me up that are out of my control.

The trigger? I’m out of control. Recognized.

Next step is make peace with that. Ok. So I went back to packing, instead of waiting. I’ve stopped obsessing over the state of the house. If you want to give me 10-minutes notice, you will have to deal with the fact that I still live here. I cannot control how fast the house sells. I can control how I react to that fact.

Finally, a good way to get out of a funk is to change the picture. Change where you are, what you are doing, who you see, why you are doing, and when you do. Change what you are experiencing and see where the funk goes.

I’m working on the making peace with the situation part.

How do you get yourself out of a funk? Inquiring minds want to know.

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