3 Things I Learned After Taking A Leap Into Oblivion

A year ago today, I closed my eyes and took a great leap into oblivion.

Chris and I were broken up this time last year. Nobody knew it except me and two friends. I was planning to cancel my trip to the US, “what am I going to do there anyway?” I asked myself. I have my family and friends in the Philippines plus I earned good money. (Ka-ching $$$)

I sat on my desk as I contemplate my choices. Then my mind started to wander… I imagined how I’d be living my life a year from that day and it sent chills up and down my spine. Not in a good way.

Friends who are close to me know the story of how I came to this decision all too well. I sat on my desk, scared. I was scared not because of the possibility that I was leaving… i was scared of the thought that I could be living comfortably in the same room, the same desk, doing the same damn thing everyday for the next 365 days. The idea of stagnation is hell for me.

I had no problem with the thought that I am going to embark on a journey where I leave everything that was familiar to me to go to a place where I knew nobody, I knew nothing, I had nothing. If anything, I was excited.

Fast forward March 16, 2016, I was boarding my flight to the US. I kept asking myself, is this really happening? Am I really about to fulfill a dream that I’ve always had since I was a little girl? Yes, it’s happening and there was no turning back. I didn’t care if I got back together with Chris, I didn’t even know if I was going to see him but I left anyway. Up to this date, it’s still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

A year ago, I remember playing hard to get with Chris. I even warned him that if he ever saw me, he couldn’t handle me. He should be wearing a tight belt or his trousers would fall off. He still insisted and on the day he picked me up at the airport, he saw me and his pants fell to his knees… (i mean duh, I am amazing so no surprise there. Lol!)

365 days later, I still haven’t accomplished some of my long term goals, but I’m living in a place that I’ve always dreamed of as a kid. Plus, I am spending my time and energy doing things that I love with the man that I love and a dog that we love. I’m pretty sure that’s a win.

I have taken away so many lessons from this experience. But these 3 I am sharing with you are my absolute favorites.

#1.) if you’re brave enough to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll find that the things you are scared of doesn’t really exist. If they do, they’re small and it’s nothing you can’t handle.

#2.) you can’t let fear rule your life. Yes it’s scary to get out there. you might get hurt, you might fail, but what’s even scarier is if you stay in one spot and you’ll never change. Sometimes the failures and challenges molds you into a new, improved and even better version of yourself. There’s actually nothing to lose, only more experience and wisdom to gain.

#3.) when you find your soulmate, you can never really get rid of them. You could fight and break up, but in the end — your roads will lead you back to each other.

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