This gave me goosebumps.

Last week, I held my first in-person workshop at a local hotel to teach entrepreneurs about the Power of Storytelling & Vulnerability in business.

Aaaand, it was a fantastic event with so many takeaways!! :) The feedback I got from the attendees was that the content was very helpful to get them writing from their heart in their business.

Prior to planning this event, I had been feeling a strong calling to connect more in person (whereas my business had previously been almost entirely online). And I LOVED it. I may have to take this show on the road (I can see it now: coming to your town soon!)… ;)

But, speaking of connection…

On Friday I had a call with a woman who does what she calls “Core Essence” readings. (As you may have picked up, I’m sort of a knowledge & growth junkie. I LOVE to learn just as much as I love to teach! So, masterminding, coaching, and reading ALL THE BOOKS are kind of my jam!) This call happened to be gifted to me as part of a mastermind program that I’m in. And, what a gift it was!

I went into the session with an open heart and open mind, but without any expectations. She started off with a centering visualization. Now, I have to tell you: Any time somebody walks me through a guided mediation and asks me to go to my happy place, I ALWAYS visualize being on the same gorgeous beach with clear blue ocean waters, birds singing, and a nice breeze — all surrounded by these incredible majestic mountains.

She began our talk with a visualization where we were in the mountains & walking down a cavern towards the bottom. (Actually, we were running, which is pretty typical of me. But, I digress.)

We finally made it to the bottom & she says we were coming up to a large body of water, like a pond or a lake. In my head, I’m thinking, “no, it’s the ocean.” “It’s the ocean.” And, then, listen to this!! She said, “wait a minute. It’s the ocean. I’m picking that up from you right now.”

Wow!! Just wow.

Don’t you just love those little winks from the Universe?

Needless to say, she had my undivided attention for the rest of the call & I knew the information was going to be very valuable.

Now, this woman does not know me at all. But, through our 30 minute conversation, she was able to tell me that my oxygen (what drives me) is: Wonder. (Totally get that. It’s why my mind & heart are always open. Possibilities, creativity, and the beauty of the inexplicable absolutely fuel me.) She said my anchor is: Impact. (It’s what grounds me. I feel most in alignment while being impactful). And, then she told me that my lens, or the way I see the world is: Connection.

Of course it is!

Connection is how I show up in the world. I am a connector. I connect the dots. I see the connections. And, THAT makes perfects sense as to why I chose storytelling, errr, uh, why storytelling chose me. :)

That’s really the key to good storytelling. Connection. Connecting with your truth. Connecting to your audience. Connecting all of the dots. Connecting your message to your brand.

I still get goosebumps just thinking about that call. Ahhhh. :)

We all have amazing stories to tell. Connecting the dots from your story to your branding message and making it relatable to your ideal audience is where the content strategy magic comes in.

If you could use some help connecting the dots, hit me up, yo! (Hey, there’s a reason I hire somebody to do my accounting and taxes for me. And, that reason is that my head would explode if I tried to do them myself! If you feel that way about storytelling as part of your content strategy, than, hey, I’m your girl!!)

Peace, Love & Stories.



(Dawn Gluskin is the founder & chief storyteller & truth-digger at Blissed Communications. She helps soul-centered entrepreneurs own and share their stories that need to be heard in the world! She writes engaging and creative copy that connects & converts. When she is not cooking up some delicious word stew for her clients, she can be found on her yoga mat with her heart wide open, soaking up sunshine and salt air at the beach, devouring yet another luscious book, or throwing wild solo dance parties in her living room.)