Let’s be mindful about Wynwood and Zika

Wynwood is suffering and the rest of Miami needs to step-up and help clarify things

Kahill Head, one of the most positive and inspiring people that I’ve met so far through Dawnings — a little event that I created in order to bring mindfulness and wellness to Miami’s entrepreneurial and professional communities — told me today:

“Dawn is the light that comes after the darkness, so Dawnings was born at the perfect time to help Wynwood”

He told me this insight after I called him to see how we can raise awareness around what is going on by leveraging our next Dawnings event Burning Man Edition, which is taking place next Wednesday, Aug. 17th starting from 6 to 9am.

As I researched more and more about the Zika issue, I had more questions than answers. And, as I talked to more and more people that live and work in the area, I realized that the public officials and government institutions also did not have all the answers that the citizens were looking for.

One question in particular stuck out to me. What is more dangerous, the Zika virus or the chemicals that are being used to fight it? I live in Edgewater, basically the same neighborhood as Wynwood, and from my hi-rise, I saw the planes spray gallons after gallons of liquid just a few blocks from the park where my daughter plays every afternoon.

After speaking with Kahill and other partners and friends, I decided that we MUST to use the next Dawnings as a platform to raise awareness about the real issues that concern the Wynwood and Miami community (the infamous map actually includes Edgewater, Midtown, Design District, but Wynwood is the one singled-out) and more importantly, to bring our collective positive energy and support for the people whose livelihoods are being threatened by the negative, and sometimes not completely accurate, press that is coming out daily in local and national outlets.

We couldn’t have asked for a better partner for the venue. The Sacred Space Miami is a state-of-the-art facility that has plenty of indoor space to accommodate our guests, so the entire event will take place inside. In addition, they installed a permanent system called Mosquitonix on the property to mist spray and ensure that you can walk safely to your car. The spray is biodegradable and plant based. I expected no less of the Miami home to the world-famous Plant Food + Wine Miami.

Yoga at The Sacred Space Miami

During the Meditate section, where we will start with a 30-min yoga session led by Pablo Lucero (OM Movement), followed by an inspiring candlelight meditation led by Kahill Head (SPIRIT-ILL) that will culminate with the creation of a shrine with our collective candles and with the special intention of helping our Wynwood neighbors. It will be followed by the Educate section, with inspiring talks from Natalia Martinez-Kalinina (CIC) and Dane Andrews (Roam). And we will end the morning experience with a celebration during the Liberate section that will include kick-ass music by DJ Alan Epps (Do Not Sit on the Furniture), natural juices from ColdPressRaw, organic fruits from Endlessly Organic and healthy treats, including organic teas, acai bowls, and local fruits and breads from Wynwood Farmers Market’s vendors.

In conclusion, Dawnings was born in Wynwood at LAB Miami and we will do everything we can to support this energetic, entrepreneurial, forward-thinking and creative piece of Miami. We will take every precaution to have a safe experience for all guests, and we will harness the positive intentions of the community so that we can close this chapter sooner rather than later. But we are conscious that there are many questions still unanswered, so we want to provide a platform to find the correct answers. Therefore, I want to offer the following:

If you live/work in Wynwood and feel that you need a mindful experience and community to rely on, I want to offer you a free ticket to Dawnings. Please contact me at dbellumio@miacollective.co

To the rest of the Miami’s entrepreneurs, professionals, adventurers, artists, athletes and just curious beings, please join us next Wednesday at 6am and help us create a more mindful, educated and health-aware Miami. For more information, please visit Dawnings.co.

-Demian Bellumio / Founder