An 8th grader fighting for her school…

Dear Seattle School District Board Members,

I am an eighth grade student at Jane Addams Middle School who has probably gone through the worst public school experience out of almost everyone in the school. Let me explain. In elementary school, I went to Lowell and as you know that got split up and we moved to Lincoln. When I finally got into Middle School my parents finally thought they would be done with the changing schools and all the other school district drama. They were completely wrong.

At Hamilton (my first middle school) I had everything I wanted in a middle school, good teachers, my friends, an orchestra at my level, and a Spanish class, I was completely content. The summer after sixth grade I found out that I wouldn’t be returning to Hamilton and all my friends, instead I would be going to Jane Addams. I was devastated. I had to split away from all my friends which was very hard for 11 year old me. At first Jane Addams was hard to get used to but I soon realized that its not that bad, I had a great orchestra, a Spanish class, and fabulous teachers. I also wanted to make sure my fellow students knew that Jane Addams has what we wanted and create a more positive environment, so I ran for president.

I have now gone to five different public schools in nine years, I’m the president of Jane Addams, and I just found out that I will probably lose almost everything that I love about my school. I’m losing my orchestra, my Spanish class, some teachers, what kind of middle school experience is this? We were promised by you that we would have the same opportunities that were available at Hamilton, well obviously that’s not the case now. Again, I am absolutely devastated.

Ms. Peaslee, you are representing our school, why aren’t you fighting for us? We are still a new school and cannot afford to have so much cut from our school, its really not fair at all. As president, I promise that I will try and keep the environment at my school positive. I’m 13 and I’m doing my part, will you do yours?

Hannah Klinghoffer