Each year the Hawaii State Energy Office publishes a state-of-clean-energy report. Here are a few highlights you should know, plus recent news from the islands :

· We are nearly a quarter of the way to our 100% renewable energy goal — as of 2015 Hawaii reached 23.5% renewable energy statewide.

· Electricity prices remain double the national average at $0.26 …

On October 13th, President Obama and The White House convened the first Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh, which brought together some of the world’s leading innovators to discuss how investing in science and technology frontiers will help improve lives and keep America on the cutting edge of innovation.

This topic is near and dear to my heart, now having spent 10 years doing exactly that: funding energy innovation to lower energy bills, increase national security and fight climate change.

Like the President, I’m an optimist and believe that technology, applied correctly, means that our best days are ahead of us. As he wrote in his article “Now Is The Greatest Time To Be Alive,” in the November “Frontiers” issue of WIRED, “Here’s another thing I believe: We are far better equipped to take on the challenges we face than ever before….Because the truth is, if you had to choose any time in the course of human history to be alive, you’d choose this one. Right here in America, right now. Life expectancy is up. The share of Americans with a college education is up too. Tens of mil­lions of Americans recently gained the security of health insurance. Blacks and Latinos have risen up the ranks to lead our businesses and communities. Women are a larger part of our workforce and are earning more money. …


Dawn Lippert

Energy Excelerator co-founder; living the future of energy in Hawaii

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