Untitled (final)

Bobby froze where he stood, his thumping heart the only sound he could hear. He waited for whatever was about to come out of his bedroom door; as it slowly creaked opened. Bobby didn’t know whether to run for the front door or wait for what was to come.

Suddenly the lights in the hallway flickered then went out, and the house grew colder almost as though winter had come several months early. Bobby swallowed the lump in his throat as a massive shadow covered the doorway entrance to his room…making the already darkened hallway even creepier. Bobby began to slowly move backwards, shivering though he couldn’t judge if it was more from cold or fright. He heard chains rattling and what he thought were far away screams…but Bobby couldn’t be sure. As he ran down the he swore the hallway suddenly looked… the same.

Desperate Bobby turned the corner that should have lead him to the basement steps…but instead it lead him back to his room. He heard the god awful rattling of the chains and looked up; a scream stuck in the back of his throat. Skeleton like hands came from out of torn old material and wrapped its skeleton like claws around his throat lifting Bobby into the air so he could see the creatures blood red eyes.

Bobby’s eyes widen at the sight, the scream finally escaping as the creature bit into Bobby’s neck. In a matter of seconds, the creature held Bobby’s lifeless body in his hands and took him to where he kept all his victims…into his pit of hell.