Untitled (cont)

Bobby slowly walked in, not sure what he was going to find, his heart thumping loudly in his ears.

Only two more spots of blood on the carpet and one on the bed, but still no sign of his his parents. He backed out of the room, not wanting to touch anything….not the doors, the walls, heck he didn’t even want to walk on the carpets or the floors, but he couldn’t very well walk on air. He continued down the hall to his little sisters room, and peeked through the crack in the door.

Thankfully her room had been untouched, but there were more blood stains outside of her room. Whoever was here and whatever they did to his parents they came past here. Suddenly he heard loud Heavy metal music coming from his bedroom. Now his palms became sweaty. He felt like he was in a Freddy Kruger movie even a Micheal Myers; only with the creepy eerie music and the teen girls that scream bloody murder as soon as they see either of the two. Bobby stared at his room, trying to will himself to move, but knowing his feet refused to.

Suddenly the music stopped playing.

Bobby began to make his way back towards the front door, as he heard his bedroom door squeak. …..