Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

you got played. the corporate owned media kept you distracted by a Criminal/Freakshow/TV personality .. I was shocked, at first, when after the election was over, the press & media produced in USA was all “Whose fault is this” and fingers were pointed in all directions but never in the direction of the obvious cause. And then, even in social media, the people talking among themselves: the same complaints and analyses. Conspicuously absent from all and any accusations was the discussion of the possibility that the American electoral system is FLAWED and should be reformed. With no limits on donations, SUPER PACS, or spending, then it is very possible, and likely, that those with more wealth can acquire an unfair advantage in a purportedly democratic process. This has what has happenned in American politics; it has been happening for decades. Having only two choices aggravates the opportunity for the financially advantaged to further co-opt the process and pre-determine the result of the election, to the degree that to a large part, both Parties exist to serve the collective whim of this financial authority and it is no longer a Democracy, it is an oligarchy which uses the activity of ‘elections’ as a system of registering the overall state of mind of the populace so that they can be successfuly controlled for the next 4 years, without having to use any police or military force to do so. If the population believes they ‘chose’ this by a ‘majority vote’ they will be less likely to revolt against whatever the authority has planned for the next 4 years. Whichever party is going to make the transitory phases less awkward will have victory. A Hilary Clinton administration would meet with too much resistance for the Conservative population. The last thing the Billionaires need is the people who are supposed to be on their side fighting the changes that profit them. Hillary trying to make the changes that Conservatives want would meet with Conservative resistance because: its Hilary Clinton. Do you think she could take the country to war without everyone freaking out? No. Abandon Obamacare? Impossible. There was no way that she, or any Democrat, would be President. The very fact that she got the nomination convinced me that there was some other design afoot. My guess was that after the Republicans win with Trump, they would find some way to have him removed. Whether arrested, impeached, or even a fake assisantion- what hardened tax dodger isnt happy to pretend to be dead and spend the rest of his days on some Mystery Island, golfing and entertaining his Trophy Widow when she comes to visit? Trump didnt win the election: The global oligarchy won. And they did so by playing the population, the electoral college, &the cooperation between parties ( Hillary Clinton ‘Donald Trump is a friend of mine’ yeh, i noticed..) “Donald Trump used to be a Democrat” PUT IT TOGETHER PEOPLE. Hearing people say “you have to accept the candidate the party picks and support your party” makes me think of CHINA. Enjoy your ‘democracy’, America. Until you change your sytem, have more parties, limit donations & spending, and kill SUPER PACS, you will continue to be fucked, and you will continue to blame yourselves and say ‘we had a choice’. And btw the fact that educated, intelligent, experienced analysts around the world are NOT mentioning this SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Here in Canada we have a similar FirstPastThePost system that favours a two-party contest when Corporate donors get involved. Fortunately, constitutional limits on donations and spending prevented it from taking hold here the way it has in the states as far as A BAD WAY TO RUN A ‘DEMOCRACY’ goes.. We did have some scares, though, when our Northern version of the TeaParty ‘infiltrated’ our parliament, as their former leader loves to phrase it, by forcing one of the two powerful parties to merge with it, because its SocialConservative base guaranteed they’d always have seats and hey: maybe we’ll join the other guys and they’ll get all those votes instead. It was a nightmare, you may recall Prime Minister Harper- and in 2015 Canadians determinedly went to the polls to, hopefully for the last time, vote for a candidate you didnt want because only that candidate’s party would potentially rack up the numbers to defeat the other party and the reason we all went and sacrificed our votes to Trudeau is not just cuz he’s adorable but because 1) it was the only way to get rid of Harper & 2) his party said: ‘we will never have to vote this way again, and when we are the government we will fix it’. Its on the table this coming week. Parliamentary committee has been working on it for months. Canada is trying to put together a better democracy- and ours is pretty sweet as it is. Why dont you try that, ‘America’? Or are you content to live as deluded peasants and slaves, no different from a voter in Russia or China, following marching orders and agreeing that you are free? I have one thing left to say: didnt you ever find it odd that all those Christian Conservatives never complained about Trump? Besides the fact that their Faith believes that ‘secular’ media is Satans microphone and that Trump was using it to make a mockery of itself, there is one other reason why they werent worried about the Orange Monster: “President Pence” 😱 ……“How could I not do everything possible to get someone like Mike Pence elected vice-president?” http://time.com/4415908/mike-pence-donald-trump-evangelicals/ cheers