Twenty-Five Times Running Shoe Designers Lost Their Freaking Minds
Nick Crocker

Why so many haters gotta hate? Sheesh. The guy is writing every day, for 100 days & is almost halfway there. I’m on Day 3 and already struggling.

On another note, I couldn’t agree more with your post, Nick. (And for those of the critical persuasion, I do have a degree in design, went to art school AND run. Reflectors help ensure you’re visible. Not sure the shoe color(s) helps that much)

I’ve also often wondered what the shoe manufacturers are thinking. And to add insult to injury, whenever I go to pick up a new pair of kicks shortly before a race, my local running store has cutesy cartoons plastered everywhere reminding me it’s the fit that’s important — not the color.
Does it have to be either/or? Is it too greedy to hope for both?
(And I wholeheartedly agree with @shirleybisschoff… the colors offered for women are even more hideous. This year Pepto Bismol Pink seems to be in fashion)

Although the fluorescent revival of the fabulous 80's is finally leaving clothing options, it continues to hang on to our beloved running shoes.

Someone please run a focus group already.