Powerful Images Make People Act

I’ve been challenging myself to try some of those online marketing tips out there, to see if they really work, or how they work.

The tip I tested for this experiment was on adding high quality images to your PowerPoint slides. The specific article referenced is How to Attract an Avalanche of New Students for Your Next Course Using SlideShare by Eugene Cheng.

The promise of an avalanche was alluring, but I know I’m not a viral kinda’ girl (yet?!?), and I only have time for one lesson at a time, so I chose his advice on buying professional images. I headed over to Creative Market, searched for illustrations with a thief in them, and came across this wonderful illustration by an artist called ded Mazay.

I decided this image was the cover image. Not only is it high quality, it evokes strong feelings associated with cyber theft. I figured I had a winner. The entire slide deck lives here.

As Predicted, the Image Made a Difference

Since I didn’t do anything beyond placing the slide deck on SlideShare and doing my regular promotions on my Twitter feed (8 tweets over about 10 days), with a few shares on Facebook, I had little expectations of great fame. But, within the first week I had over 100 views.

When compared to my second most popular deck, which had very generic images and no image on the cover slide, it showed great performance.

Ratios Comparing the Performance of the Two Slide Decks
The Actual Stats Used to Make The Above Chart

These numbers are recorded as of April 15, 2016.

No. This Is Not About Going Viral.

It is just about testing an article that had a big promise in its headline, and seeing what a difference following one of the tips makes. So, am I sold on investing time, and sometimes money, into high quality images? Yes, especially when the topic lends itself to emotional response.

About me, Dawn Weathersbee:

I work with a variety of clients to increase online reach and sales through strategic development and management of brand collateral. I help you get really clear on your voice, your target markets, and your brand in its entirety. I also help alleviate the pains of lack of focus, lack of consistency, and fear of not understanding your brand and how it fits in your markets. You can find more of my marketing tips on Twitter: @dawnnwb

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